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Women shoes brand: christian louboutin is the best one

Cicronvolulu 100, with three graduating hand-cut and individually sewn rings, recalls a tongue-in-cheek christian louboutin theme of the lion tamer or Domteuse , asserting fetishistic themes of control and dominance. This style can be seen in four variations in the collection, including Patent Stellar, a brilliant, oil-slick effect leather that is treated through a chemical process similar to the galvanization of metal, assuring that no two pairs are alike. Stage-ready, provocative City Jolly 100 flaunts mirrored specchio straps in an architectural construction, with an invisible PVC backing at the toes to prevent them from slipping through the sides; giving the illusion of nothingness whilst providing proper support. Delicate and technically complex, specchio treatments on other styles throughout the collection are designed to mesmerize and capture the eye with a single glance, a reference to Christian Louboutin's beloved cabaret.

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